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POD Connectors


Encapsuled’s POD is an important innovation in the field of IP68 pre gel filled Connectors.

A thorough development during the design and the pattern phase led to an excellent product which is easy-to-use, minimum sized, extremely reliable as regards its opening and closing for connection change purpose.

The innovatory use of Gel as an insulator allows POD to ensure high insulation capacity, insulation features unchanged over time.

The latest new products and developments are going to the direction to enlarge the applications range of our IP68 Boxes:
1. to cover more low & mid power electric specs.
2. to be utilized in DALI systems and/or in dimmable applications.
3. to offer extremely min-sized boxes which are very compact, but versatile to connect LED equipment’s serial and/or parallel.


A common terminal block or simple terminals provide the wire connection
No gasket, glands and sheath
Any box is supplied by cable clamp for a safe block against pull or push of the cables

In case of changes in the electric wiring, the box can be opened by a screwdriver, the connection can be re-inspected.


Connection from a feed through wire to the user appliances.
It’s possible to connect up to 3 appliances & can be used in multiples.


European Companies in the research and development of insulating GEL which have the following features:

Excellent sealing and water tightness.

Good resistance to chemical agents
excellent adhesion to any support the material used for the casing

Extreme deform ability and adaptability

High elastic memory

High insulating or dielectric strength: min 1,0 kV..


Technical Specifications

IP68 insulation class at 1 metre to 3 metres
1. Connection protection prevents humidity
into the appliance by capillarity

2. Containers made in NYLON PA66 Self-

POD, in the last few years, has spent efforts to develop the product for the possibilities of use and solutions to protect electrical connections in a difficult environment. Today the POD family offers a wide range of possibilities and can cope with the multiple needs required by the market.

The connectors of the POD family are supplied with already casted and cross linked GEL. Once cables are joined with the accessories supplied, it is easy to protect the connection by coupling the two parts of the connector.

The GEL will cover cables, the conductors and the electrical connection ensuring electrical insulation and preventing dust and moisture infiltration, between the external surface of cables and the external part of the connector; between the inner insulating layers and the individual conductors. This is a unique feature in the IP68 waterproof connectors. The other products available in the existing market protects only the external insulation of the cable.

The enclosures of our IP68 Gel Connectors are moulded in NYLON PA66 which is having a property of self-extinguishing, UV and at 120°C max. Temperature (in continuous work) resistant.
POD Gel is whole non-toxic, transparent, very good dimensional stability, excellent knock’s absorption properties, buffering vibrations and extremely light, latex free and flame retardant.
GEL is mechanically static at temperature between – 30° and 130°C.


Encapsulated IP Rated LED Connctors


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